About us


I’m Yetnalezi Quintas Ruiz (Yetna). I was born in Oaxaca in 1982, the place where I lived all my childhood, playing in the street with my cousins and taking dance, music and art classes along with my regular school work.

In 2013 I moved with my family to San Francisco, CA, at that time we were just my husband and I, and now we have 2 beautiful children. San Francisco is a multicultural city that invites you to undertake, to show your essence and that has allowed me to change my perspective on how to help my community and give to others what good things life has given to me, this without forgetting my roots and mexican traditions.

For these reasons, years later started my curiosity and interest to help oaxacan designers and promote their products abroad, specially in the american market, and with that promote Oaxaca culture in the United States.

I’ve always had Oaxaca in my heart, one of my dreams is to help low income children that don’t have access to quality food and education. That is why in addition to promoting oaxacan brands through OAX DESIGN, I want to be able to help other oaxacan children who, like me, felt that interest in arts from a very young age. For that reason, one percent of our profits will be used to provide meals and promote painting and other arts in low-income public schools in the city of Oaxaca.

The products are made by designers from Oaxaca like Saraí Silva, Gis Flores, Beatriz Vega, Joselin Martínez, Maritza Alavez, Diana Torres, Oscar González and Víktor Bautista; their illustrations and characters are based on emotions and experiences from places in Oaxaca and Mexico.

I invite you to learn more about the art and culture of Oaxaca at OAX DESIGN.